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    A Fighting Master who has over 1,000 years of training.

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    An instructor of the ageless forest elves that inhabit the land of Gainos. She maintains a blunt attitude towards everything and even comments on others battle skills through a point system only she understands. She maintains a dislike of the elven assassin Echidna, who has a much more loose and playful personality. Echidna in return mocks her as the "Thousand Year-Old Virgin" whenever they meet.

    At some point Alleyne met with the half-elf Nowa and trained her extensively, eventually appointing her as "Guardian of the Forest." However, the elves on the tribe's council did not like the idea of a mere half-elf getting that position, and banished her. Alleyne continued to train her afterwards, and even followed Nowa into the Queen's Blade tournament.

    During the events of Rebellion, the elves were massacred by the forces of the Swamp Witch, and Alleyne herself is the last pureblood forest elf around. On top of that, the Swamp Witch cursed her and made Alleyne unable to leave the forest for any reason. Still, she reluctantly trained Annelotte when she stumbled across her while escaping from assassins.


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