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    Alliz Onu

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    Alliz Onu is a bestial demigoddess in the EverQuest franchise. She is known as the Queen of Reptiles and is the god of torture.

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    Alliz Onu is the Queen of Reptiles and the demigoddess of torture.  She resides in the swamps of the Plane of Fear where she helped Cazic-Thule in the creation of the lizard men of Norrath during the Age of Scale.  Every tribe of Alliz Ew pays homage to her.


    In most lore, she is depicted without eyes.  In her honor, the Alliz Tae Ew remove their eyes in a ritual that takes place in the Temple of Cazic-Thule, a notorious locale through the Ages of Turmoil and Destiny.  It was here that a pyramid was constructed in her honor.    

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