Any Allods online players out there?

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#1 Posted by drummerboykhari (224 posts) -

Because I feel a bit lonely lol. I'm looking for people to POWER LEVEL (Manly grunt) with.
And/or join a guild and power level with tons of people. Or just make some friends. Anyone out there?

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#2 Posted by drummerboykhari (224 posts) -
It's actually a better alternative to WoW. Stop fucking posting negative shit dude. This is GB....
not "I"m gonna Troll on every damn forum online"
If you don't play Allods, then don't reply.  Simple
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#3 Posted by rhodric (283 posts) -

I've leveled a psionicist to 25, then stopped playing due to real life stuff.
Even though the game itself felt unpolished compared to WoW, the class was fun and original. i think the game has a lot of potential. And being a free to play MMO, it's definitely worth a try.

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#4 Posted by KamikazeCaterpillar (1160 posts) -
@drummerboykhari: Describe to me how it is better than WoW besides the fact that it's free. I have not played WoW but I am looking for an MMO to sink sometime into and a free one would be pretty awesome.
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#5 Posted by crapneck (164 posts) -

look on the allods forum

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#6 Posted by Bureksasutlijom (215 posts) -

Was.The game just got way to hard to fast.

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#7 Posted by Kombat (2296 posts) -
@InTheEnd said:
" Hmmm, it looks like a shitty WoW rip-off. Go play by yourself. "
Hmm. Looks like another asshole on a gaming message board hiding behind internet anonymity.
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#8 Posted by Gamer_152 (14481 posts) -
@drummerboykhari said:
" @InTheEnd: This is GB....  not "I"m gonna Troll on every damn forum online""
i c what you did thar

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