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    A minor character in Resident Evil 5, Allyson acts as the introductory battle against the Majini mutation, Cephalo.

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    Allyson only makes a very brief appearance during Chapter 1-3, where she is shown being dragged into a room by Majini. Once Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar arrive to help, it's soon established that she was infected with a Las Plagas Type 2 parasite. She attacks the duo, forcing them to kill her so as to defend themselves.

    Allyson isn't referred to ever again in the game, though she does appear in the Public Assembly map for the Mercenaries Reunion mode contained within the Lost in Nightmares and/or Desperate Escape DLC, and the Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition release. She functions just like she did during the main game as a slightly more powerful Majini enemy.


    • Because of her unusual appearance given the circumstances and her location, much speculation was introduced once she was first shown during trailers for Resident Evil 5. Many fans believed that she was actually Sherry Birkin, though such theories were soon extinguished by Jun Takeuchi. A fully grown adult Sherry Birkin was eventually brought back in a starring role for Resident Evil 6.
    • It's possible to avoid having Allyson mutate by killing her with a Neck Snap or Throat Slice melee attack. Though the treasure that she drops isn't affected in any way.

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