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    Almalexia is a goddess of Vvardenfall, one of the three deities worshipped by Tribunal, the Dark Elf religion. She resides in Mournhold, the capital city of Morrowind.

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    Almalexia, councilor and wife to Lord Indoril Nerevar (king of the Chimer), aided her husband in the War of the First Council (First Era 668-700) along with Vivec and Sotha Sil. The was had been launched to gain control of Kagrenac's Tools (tools forged by the Dwemer in an attempt to tap into the divine power of the Heart of Lorkhan). After the Dwemer's mysterious disappearance, the Chimer claimed the tools.

    Nerevar left Lord Voryn Dagoth, a trusted subordinate of his, to guard over the tools while he left to seek the council of others to decide if the tools should be used or destroyed. Upon reaching the decision that the tools should be destroyed, Nerevar returned to inform Voryn that the tools were to be destroyed. When Nerevar arrived, however, he found that Voryn had betrayed his trust and used the power of the Heart of Lorkhan to gain amazing power. He called himself Dagoth Ur and refused to hand over Kagrenac's Tools, the source of his new-found power. Nerevar defeated Dagoth Ur, however, and returned to his councilors.

    Nerevar made Almalexia, Vivec, and Sotha Sil take an oath that they would not use the tools. After Nerevar's mysterious death (which Almalexia, Vivec, and Sotha Sil are responsible for, according to Ashlander lore), the three went against their late lord's wishes and used Kagrenac's Tools to seize the Heart of Lorkhan, granted them extraordinary power. The three declared themselves gods and the Tribunal Temple was founded.

    It is said that because of their betrayal (and likely murder) of Nerevar, the entire Chimer race was cursed by the Daedric goddess Azura to have eyes "as red as the volcano lava" and "skin as black as their hearts." Thus, the Dunmer (Dark Elves) were born.

    In the Second Era, Dagoth Ur returned to the land. As his power waxed, the Tribunal's power began to wane.

    Nerevar's Return

    In The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, the player takes control of the Nerevarine, supposedly Lord Indoril Nerevar reincarnated. The player defeats Dagoth Ur and destroys the Heart of Lorkhan.

    When the Nerevarine arrives in Mournhold, he/she aides Almalexia in various quests, receiving powerful items and abilities in return.

    When Mournhold is attacked by fabricants, creations of Sotha Sil, Almalexia tells the player that Sotha Sil must be either reasoned with or destroyed. The player then travels to the clockwork city of Sotha Sil only to find that he has already been killed.

    Almalexia arrives after the Nerevarine discovers his body, telling him/her that she has killed Sotha Sil. She then attacks the player.

    Almalexia wields Hopesfire, a powerful enchanted sword that is akin to Nerevar's ancient blade, Trueflame (which the player obtains prior to their confrontation).

    Almalexia is one of the most powerful enemies in the game and is immune to normal weapons, fire, paralysis, poison, and disease and his highly resistant to shock and magicka, as well as having an innate health regeneration power.


    • Almalexia can be soul trapped, and has the highest level soul in Morrowind or any of its expansions, though you must have Azura's Star (an extremely powerful and reusable soul gem) to soul trap her.
    • Almalexia's name is most likely derived from the Latin words "alma" and "lex", which mean "gracious law".

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