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    A daughter of Dheginsea, she became romantically linked to Ashnard and bore a son.

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    Almedha is a supporting NPC that appears in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. She is a daughter of Dheginsea and a member of the royal black dragon clan of the laguz. After leaving Goldoa, she became involved in a relationship with Daein's King Ashnard as his concubine and bore him a son. As a result of her mating with a beorc, she lost the power to transform into a dragon.

    Ashnard had fathered Almedha's child under the belief that a child of half beorc, half laguz heritage would have some sort of special power. When this proved to be untrue, he instead used the baby and Almedha as bait to take Almedha's brother Rajaion hostage. The baby was eventually secreted away to parts unknown, and Almedha lost track of him.

    In the modern day of Radiant Dawn, Almedha, who continued to reside in Daein following Ashnard's death, is deeply psychologically scarred by all that had transpired. Upon being informed that her son is still alive and has grown into a young man named Pelleas, she becomes obsessed with doting on him and refuses to listen to any plan or idea that might put him in even an iota of danger. She also frequently inserts herself into Pelleas's decision-making and asserts a great deal of influence over him.

    Because Ashnard had previously made use of a blood pact, she recognizes the telltale mark that appears on Pelleas's body after he's tricked into signing a blood pact with Begnion. Almedha keeps silent on the matter, willing to let Daein to fall to pieces if it would allow her son to live. Her hopes are dashed when Pelleas learns of the way to free Daein of the blood pact himself and has one of his own allies kill him in an effort to end it.

    It is eventually revealed that Pelleas is not Almedha's true son. An orphan, he was unwittingly used as a pawn by Izuka and the Begnion senate in a scheme to gain control of Daein. At the end of the game, Almedha and her brother Kurthnaga learn that her true son is in actuality Soren, Ike's friend and strategist.


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