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For one thing it does right, it does twice as many wrong 1

  You can’t fault Alone in the Dark for its ambition or for its production values, but for everything else it attempts to do, it does it badly; for every unique innovation it presents, it almost always, unfailing, counterbalances it with something to piss you off. Alone in the Dark isn’t a total disaster, but neither is it any good. Fundamentally, the game is a cross between a traditional, third-person survival horror game (pre-Resident Evil 4) and a first-person shooter. While initially the g...

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Suspend your disbelief, get over yourself, and enjoy this game! 2

If Eden and Atari had given us absolutely no sense of what Alone In The Dark (2008) was going to be, it would have been the greatest surprise hit of 2008. These days developers are being hoist on their own petard (aka: blow'd up) by their own desire to promote the work they're doing for a return on the enormous budgets involved. It's practically as though the ratio of hype-to-hands on enjoyment involves a penalty: the "but you pwomised us!!!" mentality. It's a problem, but it's not up to us cons...

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(Not Very) Alone in the (Not Quite So) Dark 2

When I first heard that Alone in the Dark was getting a sequel I got a little giddy inside. My first experience of the Alone in the Dark franchise was Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare, which I recently re-completed. Whilst I knew that the game was nowhere near as good as its predecessors, and was actually closer to Resident Evil than its actual roots, I still enjoyed it and it holds a special place of nostalgia in my gaming history. So I purchased Alone in the Dark on the day of its release ...

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A lesson for developers 0

Alone in the Dark is kind of like your drunk Uncle who everyone roots for in life to get back on track. It's hard not to love him, and even when he disappoints you and even at his most frustrating points in life, you never give up on him. Even when you feel like throwing the game out the window and smashing it to pieces, there's still a warm place in my heart for it.There's a lot of good in AITD. You begin the game with a unique way to get acclimated with the controls in an eye checkup, a very s...

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Alone in the Dark Review 0

  As a newcomer to the series I had little so expect from the Alone in the Dark game and came away hopeful for a future sequel. AitD is basically a physics based horror-survival game with some neat quirks from Eden Studios. When you begin in the game you play a male character suffering from amnesia named Edward who wakes up with some mean dudes. The beginning of the game doesn’t immediately start you off in Central park and acts as a tutorial to work you through some of the more quirky controls ...

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Time to burn some stuff! 0

         ProsA suprisingly good story Some okay controls Amazing,breathtaking moments Voice work is great Fire!Fire!Fire! Graphics are amazing          ConsSmall frame rate drops A lack of inventory space is annoying Driving is probably the worst driving ever in a game A lot of awkward moments Single Player:4 and a half starsControls:3 StarsMultiplayer:~None~Lasting Appeal:2 StarsFinal Score:4 Stars...

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Some interesting ideas clash with poorly executed gameplay. 0

ProsCinematic moments are great. Fire looks and spreads realistically. ConsEverything seems to be disjointed, broken, or awkward. Controls are unforgiving. Game is short with no replay value. Story is questionable with no rewarding ending. The story of Alone in the Dark tries to be overly epic, incorporating Central Park with a demonic tale involving Lucifer and a spawn of unworldly creatures. To say the least, it has no satisfying moments. If you want to enjoy the story, there are texts to yo...

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There is nothing redeemable about this game. 0

Even among the worst video games imaginable, it is still possible to take away something positive from the experience. After all, not everything about a video game can be terrible, right? Alone in the Dark manages to break this storied tradition, as there is nothing redeemable to be found in this game. From concept to execution, absolutely nothing was done right.This even extends to the core philosophies driving the game’s development. For whatever reason, Atari decided to craft this in the vein...

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Good ideas, bad implementation... 0

Alone in the Dark is a new survival horror game from Eden Games that puts you in the middle of Central Park during a huge catastrophe in which, as usual, you have to save the world from impending doom using nothing but a roll of sticky tape and a used condom. OK, slight exaggeration there but you get the drift. As with most, if not all survival horror games you tend to always be on the edge of running out of supplies, which brings a need for clever thinking and improvisation. What differentiates...

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After it's lackluster storyline you'll be left alone in the dark 0

Alone in the Dark (AITD) for the Xbox 360 is the latest installment in the long running survival horror franchise, which began way back in 1992 on the PC. The original Alone in the Dark has often been hailed by many as the original survival horror game. So, 16 years on, does the franchise still have life, or should it just be buried in the dark? Read on to find out. The game starts you off by throwing you straight into an interactive cutscene, with no clue as to who anyone is, or what is going...

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Great Ideas and Good Set Pieces Built on Bad Game Design 0

I didn't really have any hype or expectations for 'Alone in the Dark' when I bought it last week. From what I heard from other outlets is that is was not awful but far from great. That 'Alone' (ha!) was enough for me running out the door and dipping my toes in my first 'Alone in the Dark' game when it launched. Now a year and a half later I wandered into my local JB-HIFI and picked up a few games and 'Alone in the Dark' was one of them. Now that I have played it my opinion of the game is very mi...

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The developers get an A for effort, but an F for execution. 0

Alone in the Dark PLATFORM (PS3, Xbox 360, PS2, Wii)PUBLISHER (Atari)PRICE $50 - $60ESRB RATING (M for Mature)PLAYERS (1)   How much you like Alone in the Dark will depend on how much of a glutton for punishment you are. There was about 4 hours at the beginning of this game that I was in love with the game, but as the multitude of problems with the game began to stack up, I came to the realization that the game was simply too flawed to be considered a success.   You play as Edward Carnby. Edward...

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The game's Alone in the Dark...just leave it there. 0

I wanted to believe. Eden Studios had created the most excellent Test Drive Unlimited, which is based upon the most brilliant concept ever. Wasn't flawlessly executed, but the concept was so ingenious it didn't really matter. Alone in the Dark had similarly ambitious ideas and I was hoping for a spiritual sequel, if you could call it that.You start off in a room, dizzy and barely conscious, you have no idea what's going on as you suffer from that old chestnut amnesia. What has actually happened ...

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Alone in the Dark, worth playing but quite flawed. 0

When I first heard that Alone in the Dark was being remade, I was all for seeing what they could do with the series and try to compete with the hugely popular Resident Evil series by Capcom. Anyway on with the review.Graphiaclly Alone in the Dark uses it's engines dark and light textures to a good extent, the contrast of the two types are used well in the game creating more of an atmosphere that you are Alone in the Dark. Dynamic lighting in the game is used very well, since that was the main fo...

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Am i really Alone here? 0

I dont wanna write a review full of moments like 'Shut up bitch with yur naggin bout a few glitches'¬¬ well i just did then but lets ignore that!Alone in the dark, a game that has irritated me, made me shout out load and wanna slam my controller to the ground. Why the hell have i rated it three and a half stars?Because it is a damn good game. Lets talk about what most people consider to be important these days ...the grapthics.The grapthics are damn nice, from the rotting torn up flesh on the en...

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I'm sure Uwe is pleased. 0

Resurrecting a flagging or dead franchise is a risky endeavor. Sometimes it works and the series becomes relevant again, see Resident Evil 4. Other times it is the nail in the coffin, like last year's Tony Hawk's Horse Beating Simulator. Re-envisioning Alone in the Dark should not have been that hard, there were almost no expectations of quality. I know that the first Alone in the Dark predates Resident Evil 1 and that it pretty much invented survival horror, but it has been almost seven years s...

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This game has potential... 0

Some games are worth play and reviewing, this is not one of them. I got this game because it came bndled with a new graphics card i got and i really wanted to play it and review it. And I am going to do so to the best of my ability since it DOESN't WORK.StoryBecause of my earlier comment you can tell that i didn't play through much of this game but the story is told in a pretty good and easy to understand sort of way which makes the games a pretty good narrative. When your playing through the ga...

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Review: Alone in the Dark 0

    I'm not too familiar with the Alone in the Dark series. I'm a big fan of survival horror in general, but I'm a Resident Evil kind of guy, with bouts of Fatal Frame thrown in for true pants wetting horror. It was good to hear then, that the new Alone in the Dark game being released for XB360 was going to be a reboot of sorts, bringing paranormal investigator Edward Carnby into the modern age. I could start fresh, and see what all the fuss was over this series.Well, I still don't know what al...

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Flat Out Broken 0

Alone in the Dark is a perfect example of a company rushing a game out the door with no regard to quality.  There should be an achievement for getting past the driving missions without breaking your controller. It is as if this game actively goes out of its way to prevent you from getting any enjoyment from it.  While playing I felt as though I was being punished. Neither the third or first person cameras feel right.  The first person view literally feels as though it was tacked-on last minut...

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Better than its reputation 0

Survival horror is a dying genre, for some reason game developers have decided that brain dead (pardon the pun) action can compensate for a lack of depth, atmosphere and emotion (i'm looking at you Resident Evil 5).I'm not saying this game has it all, but it manages to mix survival horror with a decent storyline and a pretty effective atmosphere. There is the feeling that the developers tried to mix too much in - survival horror with transversal puzzles, an interactive inventory system that feel...

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Talk About Alone In The Dark 0

I forked out a few dollars the other day and rented Alone In The Dark on 360. I hadn't read anything about it before I did and like always, that was a bad idea. The game started out pretty decent but once I realized how broken the controls were everything else went down hill from there.For a "next gen" game this one really falls short. I only managed to get in a few hours because I couldn't get past the second or third level (can't remember) where you drive the car through New York. I have never...

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just eat my soul already (or whatever) 0

So having played through the first chapter of Alone in the Dark, the Atari update to the classic adventure game, I have only one thing to say.I don't want to play this damn game.Ok, so I have a few more things to say.First of all, you just need to peruse the critics' scores on Metacritic to get a sense of the playability of this, um, thing. I think I like Team Xbox's abstract the best. Comparing it to a nice car without a functional engine:Alone in the Dark is just that, a game going no place an...

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Alone in the dark is a very unique, yet flawed game. 0

Now everyone likes to talk smack about this game for one reason, it has a ton of flaws. However I'm here to tell you that Alone in the dark: Inferno is a truly unique game with a lot of really cool mechanics. But, I'm also here to tell you that if you aren't willing to get past its control/ technical problems then you might just end up hating it.  The story in the AitD is a pretty basic horror game plot, you wake up from some deep sleep and have no idea who you are all while crazy monsters are k...

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My Alone in the Dark Wii review 1

Alone in the Dark(5) was meant to be only on PS3, 360, and PC, but last year it was announce that it was coming to the Wii (and PS2), so then Wii owners can also play this game too. However of course it was a dumb down version of the 360, PS3, and PC version, but I not here to compare the Wii version to the other versions. What I can say now is there if that you have a 360 or a very good computer then you should go with those versions instead, but for those who have only a Wii, here my review on...

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Interesting ideas, but do any of them actually work? 0

I got this game about 2 years ago thinking it will be awesome, then at one point the game froze, it didn't auto save anywhere near where i was and had to do a good 4 hours again. I got to my car, drove to GameStop, and sold it. Well about a week ago i decided i should go back and actually finish the game, and i did, wasn't worth the 3 bucks i paid.  Alright, this game is a survival horror game, where you play as Edward Carnby who has amnesia due to some ritual that probably went by, i don't rem...

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