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    Alone in the Dark

    Game » consists of 22 releases. Released Jun 24, 2008

    A reboot of the Alone in the Dark series, once again following Edward Carnby in his fight against the vile creatures of the darkness.

    wanderer5's Alone in the Dark (Wii) review

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    My Alone in the Dark Wii review

    Alone in the Dark(5) was meant to be only on PS3, 360, and PC, but last year it was announce that it was coming to the Wii (and PS2), so then Wii owners can also play this game too. However of course it was a dumb down version of the 360, PS3, and PC version, but I not here to compare the Wii version to the other versions. What I can say now is there if that you have a 360 or a very good computer then you should go with those versions instead, but for those who have only a Wii, here my review on the Wii version.

    So in this game, you play as Edward Carnby and you go through Central Park, to solve this supernatural event which something is attacking NYC. The story gets very interesting a few times, however some of the plot holes and to make matters worse the ending is seriously one of the worst ending I ever seen. You probably would want to go through the story once, but you may be disappointed at the end. This game is split up into episodes and each has sections in them. You can skip any section if you like; you can even skip from the start of the game to the end of the game.

    The developers put some interesting gameplay in this game. You can have this game in FP view or TP view. You get one gun in this game, but you going to need to use other things then the gun (since there isn't that much ammo in this game) and this is where the gameplay gets interesting. There are many ways to survive this game. Like for example I see an enemy in front of me and I can think of a few ways to kill it. I can use the gun, or maybe if there a trash bin or a chair nearby I can use it as a weapon and hit the enemy a few times. There are other ways too to kill an enemy. Fire is also important in this game, as it can be not only you enemy but also an ally; especially since some monsters need to be burn to really kill them. Some puzzles are also interesting. However on the downside some parts can be frustrating, especially the driving parts. Controlling the car can be a pain, and worse you will be in a tight spot in some driving spots. And unfortunately the controls aren't that great for the most part. While some are interesting to use, a lot of the thing you can do take a little time to get use too.

    Graphics are for the most part aren't great. Most of the game looks ugly, and there can be bugs and glitches here and there. On the plus side, some of the places actually has great lighting effects, but overall most of the game looks like a early PS2 game. Sound is a mixed bag. The soundtrack is probably the best thing about this game, but the voice acting isn't great and some of the sound effects sound lame.

    The length of this game is decent. If you good at this game then you can probably beat the game in around 10 hours or a little less, but sadly there nothing much to do after beating the game. So overall it has interesting and clever gameplay and a great soundtrack, but unfortunately the game is drag down with some plot holes, ugly graphics, frustrating parts, and the lack of replay value. So this is really only worth a rental. However if you can pass these problems you may enjoy this game a little and would want to go through the game once.

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