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    Alpha-152 is the final boss for the majority of the story modes in Dead or Alive 4. She became a playable character in Dead or Alive Dimensions as well as Dead or Alive 5 and DOA5 Ultimate.

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    Alpha-152 is a Kasumi clone and the final boss in Dead or Alive 4. She is an enhanced version of Kasumi Alpha, a physically perfect but mentally unstable clone of Kasumi introduced in Dead or Alive 2. At the conclusion of Dead or Alive 4, Kasumi and Helena attempt to destroy Alpha-152 with the DOATEC building. However, Alpha survives and her whereabouts are unknown until the fifth Dead or Alive tournament.

    Alpha-152 canonically reappears as the final boss in Dead or Alive 5's story mode, whom Kasumi seeks to destroy once and for all. Alpha is also an unlockable fighter in the game, and can be accessed after the player has acquired at least three hundred titles.

    Alpha-152 appears in Dead or Alive: Dimensions on the Nintendo 3DS as a playable character. She is also encountered as the final opponent in the second to last arcade ladder.

    Fighting Style

    Dead or Alive 4 Alpha-152 fights with a headily modified version of Kasumi's moveset. She has high attack strength and is capable of teleporting out of combos. However, some of her techniques leave her in a temporary cooldown state.

    Dead or Alive 5 Alpha still consists of Kasumi's modified moves, but with a greater number of changes. For example, Alpha's opponent can not get damage off of a teleportation counter, but only a parry. She also has no normal wake up attack, and must be in a special situation to wake up.

    Alpha is also well known for having the most powerful throw (post ver.1.03) in the game at 100 points on normal damage. Her offensive holds are also incredibly powerful and have unique animations that can confuse opponents. She also has the fastest offensive hold in the game.

    Boss Difficulty

    Due to her teleportation ability, Alpha-152 is among the most difficult bosses in the Dead or Alive series, if not the most difficult. Her ability to teleport out of combos and retaliate with quick, highly damaging techniques and combos of her own play a significant role in this reputation.


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