Matt Rorie's Alpha Protocol delisted from Steam

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It would be nice if this compelled a remake, but Sega probably doesn't give a shit. Alpha Protocol is such a cool, interesting game executed so poorly. I want it to be good!

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Well that stinks. I really liked this game, glad I got myself a copy so I can still play it.

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It really sucks that they didn't announce this ahead of time and put it on a blow out sale for people to pick up. I managed to get a key after the fact from a site linked from Rock Paper Shotgun, but they've since run out of keys.

Hopefully music rights get sorted out and this stops happening.

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#5 Posted by TheRealTurk (595 posts) -

Ha! I already own it. On physical disk! At last, my dedication to living in the past pays off.

Who's laughing now, all-digital future?

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#6 Posted by soulcake (2827 posts) -

I still need to finish Mathew Rories Alpha Protocol, i think i bought it once for a few bucks on steam, i wonder if it holds up.

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#7 Posted by Justin258 (15693 posts) -

...fuck. i was recently thinking about buying this.

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#8 Edited by BoOzak (2681 posts) -

I thought it was because Sega lost the publishing rights or something not just the damn music. The only song I actually remember was 'Turn up the Radio' while fighting some coked up boss.

I was hoping that microsoft might add this to gamepass since they own Obsidian but if music rights are involved I doubt thats happening.

I might sound mad for saying this but Alpha Protocol is actually my favourite Obsidian game. (and i've played New Vegas, KOTOR 2, NWN2 & Dungeon Siege 3) Maybe it's because it's the only game of theirs i've played that isnt a rushed sequel.

Anyway, this sucks, more people need to play this weird game.

EDIT: Oh and I also played that South Park game, it was alright, the part where you played it wasnt that great though.

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#9 Posted by SethMode (2100 posts) -

@boozak: Slightly off topic, was NWN2 considered a rushed sequel? I own it, but could never really find the time to really dig into it, but I feel like I've heard really positive things...especially about the DLC.

As for on topic I really loved this game, warts and all. For some reason I always found it wildly satisfying to go into stealth and just murder a whole room in front of people while I am inexplicably invisible, and no one reacts despite their buddy getting their throat slit right in front of them. Both dumb AND fun. Glad I have a copy, but not sure I'll ever play it again, regardless (I did 3 playthroughs already).

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#10 Posted by BoOzak (2681 posts) -

@sethmode: Maybe rushed is the wrong word but the game was very unoptimized when it came out and it crashed on me quite a few times, it wasnt just my computer either since I seem to remember Gamespot mentioning it in their review if you can dig that up. It was also very by the numbers and had pretty bland writing which is surprising given how it's usually the one thing Obsidian seem to get right in their games. Mask of the Betrayer is much better and I didnt play the other expansion.

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#11 Posted by imhungry (1148 posts) -

Going to have to enshrine my physical copy now to make sure it stays safe. I genuinely love this game, even with its really flawed combat. Played through it two or three times in the past and will probably do it at least once more, especially now that I've been reminded of it.

Someone needs to make a new spy game. Get on it, Rorie!!

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#12 Edited by SethMode (2100 posts) -

@boozak: Ah, I gotcha... yeah, I had just never heard rushed...poorly optimized however I don't even have to have heard or read to know that was true. I'm not sure Obsidian has made a game that was well optimized yet? I guess South Park and Pillars?

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#13 Edited by Efesell (4633 posts) -

@sethmode: Unless I'm missing a major one I feel like the reputation of them releasing the best broken games you can find slowed down considerably after Alpha Protocol. The more recent stuff has all been pretty solid on a technical level comparatively.

I dunno how rushed NWN2 actually was but it definitely felt that way. There's a lot of cut content and what is practically an ending joke for D&D campaigns that they actually just did for real..

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#14 Posted by SethMode (2100 posts) -

@efesell: Looking at their games and the game's release dates, that makes sense. I thought Dungeon Siege 3 was bad and Tyranny was meh, but I don't remember having any issues running them. I thoroughly enjoyed Pillars 1 and it ran fine. Haven't heard any horror stories for Pillars 2. So maybe despite all the shit Chris Avellone has talked since he left, Obsidian actually has its shit together. I suppose Outrt Worlds will be the true test of that.

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#15 Posted by BladeOfCreation (1435 posts) -

Really disappointing to see this. We need more apolitical games on Steam!

Okay, seriously though, I fucking loved this game. I've been an Obsidian fan since KotOR 2 got me into roleplaying games. Real-world spy stuff isn't really a preferred genre for me, but I checked this out based on Obsidian's name and it was fantastic.

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#16 Posted by conmulligan (1961 posts) -

I know deep down that this isn't going to happen but part of me wishes that Microsoft, as part of their ongoing hearts and minds campaign, would pick up the rights to Alpha Protocol and let Obsidian take another stab at it.

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#17 Posted by fisk0 (6966 posts) -

I know deep down that this isn't going to happen but part of me wishes that Microsoft, as part of their ongoing hearts and minds campaign, would pick up the rights to Alpha Protocol and let Obsidian take another stab at it.

Yeah, I'd particularly love it if they took the setting and narrative style but put it to gameplay in the style of Pillars of Eternity/Tyranny. I'd be very much into an isometric modern espionage themed CRPG.

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#18 Posted by Onemanarmyy (4583 posts) -

aw. Thought it got delisted to make room for a remaster.

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I wish i understood what people love about this game but i hated it. The dialog timer was cool and it's a shame no one stole that but the rest of that experience is... just abominable.

I believe i RPG'd the final boss and sprinted through the rest of the level?

Wait till y'all try ME2 or Skyrim. Saying that, I suppose modern day is an unusual setting.

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#20 Posted by shivermetimbers (1721 posts) -

This game is great if you want to roleplay as douche, not so great if you want to be a blank slate. I kinda admire the game's audacity and jank to an extent and I believe it has earned its cult status.

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#21 Posted by cikame (2949 posts) -

I think some of the not so great gameplay mechanics rule out a chance of it being remastered, unless they want to change the mechanics of the game, but then it's less of a remaster and more an update, they could do that and add a subtitle or something but i don't think that'll happen.

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#22 Posted by MerxWorx01 (892 posts) -

@sethmode: It may also have to do with how they are able to address and patch them now. I think I recall the first Pillars having issues regarding items and gear disappearing when you double clicked on them early during launch, so patient Obsidian fans tend to have to wait a a week or so to avoid some potentially game breaking things from occurring to their save. I've played POE2 well after launch so I believe I probably escaped any potential launch issues.

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