Which Platform is best?

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I'm thinking of getting this game, but I'm unsure what platform to purchase it for. It's between Xbox 360 or PC. I was wondering if one was any better than the other. Thoughts?

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Pee See Easilee

EDIT: Also this game is awesome.

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PC, because you can add a savegame allowing you to play a veteran on your first playthrough. You have to finish it to unlock normally, but you aren't likely to play through it again so might as well play the best class first time through.

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Noone every version is terrible

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PC is always to answer to this question except in a few cases where they break the game when they port it.

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Both perform horribly, but I guess you could squeeze out an okay framerate with decent hardware on the PC version.

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Go PC and use a gamead if you so choose to.

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