Alphinaud Leveilleur

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    A prominent member of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, whose diplomatic talents and charisma has led him to become the de facto leader in Minfillia’s absence.

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    Alphinaud is a highly cultured and dignified young man whose diplomatic talents and knowledge of the world’s history has served him and his Scion allies well throughout the story of FFXIV. Initially quite arrogant, thinking only he can do what is best for everyone, until he gets betrayed by his own Crystal Braves that he established himself. He matures and learns from his mistakes during Heavensward and becomes one of the key figures of the new restablished Scions.
    While he is generally mature and composed during the events of Realm Reborn, he has shown to have quite a playful relationship with his sister during the later expansions and an immense strong friendship with the Warrior of Light and the Azure Dragoon, Estinien.


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