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    Alphonse Elric

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    Alphonse Elric is the younger brother of Edward Elric. A child trapped in a menacing metal body at the age of 10, Al is polite to a fault. He is often the voice of reason when Ed get's carried away.

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    A child trapped in a menacing metal body at the age of 10, Al is polite to a fault. He is often the voice of reason when Ed get's carried away. A brilliant alchemist in his own right, Al wants nothing more than to restore his brother's limbs. He longs to feel human again.

    Alphonse Elric is the younger brother of Edward Elric. Al, like his brother, showed a prominent gift in Alchemy. When their mother died, the brothers tried to bring her back to Life using Alchemy. In a freak accident during the transformation Alphonse lost his body.

    Alphonse and Edward
    Alphonse and Edward
    Edward bonded Al's soul to an Iron suit. Because of this, Al's body is the iron suit. Al follows Edward around to look for a way to reverse what happen to Ed and Al.

     Losing your physical body would make anyone lose hope. Despite it all, however, Al retains his kindness and purity, so much that we forget he is a soul-bonded suit of armor. Who knew that a grotesque suit of armor could be so cute and loveable. Although his naivete occasionally gets the brothers in trouble, his strength is his ability to see the good in others. Despite this, Al is often times the voice of reason and keeps his brother in check.

    In the movie, Al is 13 years old. This is because in Episode 51, Al got his body back. He was back in the body of a normal 10 year old boy. He lost all of his memory, and asked Izumi (his teacher) to train him again like she use to. In the movie, 3 years passed, thus making him 13 years old. In his human body, Al has brown eyes and brown/blonde hair. He keeps his hair in a very long pony tail.

    Alphonse, or Al, is the younger brother of Edward. He is also a gifted alchemist, though not nearly as good as Ed. He uses alchemy usually to fix things by using a transmutation circle.

    When Al and Ed's mother died, they attempted to use human alchemy, a strictly forbidden branch, to bring her back. Despite their best efforts, something went terribly wrong. The ingredients they used to create a new body weren't enough. Ed's left leg was consumed, as well as Al's entire body! Fortunately for Al, Ed did a quick transmutation; he sacrificed his right arm in order to put Al's soul in a suit of armor. To make matters worse, they still couldn't get their mother back.

    After getting cybernetic components (automail) to replace Ed's lost limbs, the boys went to central. They took the tests to become state alchemists. They both passed the written part, but Al had to withdraw, in case the state demanded a physical, and realized what he was (which is just a suit of armor, nothing inside).

    Al cannot eat, drink, feel pain, or breath. To quote another popular anime, he's just a ghost in the shell. It has it's advantages, such as being nearly invulnerable, he doesn't have to sleep (though he can), it saves money on food, etc. However, Al wants to be human again. He wants to smell the fresh air, sense the sun's warmth, feel his brother's comforting touch, and be his own person. This is why they're searching for the Philosopher's Stone, a rock that allows alchemists to break the rule of equivalent exchange (you get what you give). They believe this will let them restore their bodies to normal shape. Despite his bullet-proof exterior, Al still talks like a 11- year old boy. Whether his restored body would be aged or not is a question that probably won't be answered until the end of the series.


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