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This was pretty fun on the Sega Genesis, but I'm sure I'm missing out by not having played the arcade version. Though, in retrospect, I probably saved myself about eighty pounds' worth of quarters. Did you know this game is HARD?! Maybe I'm just a wuss, but by the time I get to that level where the yellow guys with the pointy scrotum-stingers are running full-tilt towards me, I'm panicking and praying for the quick release of death. Never beaten it, probably never will, but won't stop trying! I'm a sucker for punishment. Or, in this case, bestiality.

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    It may be a great challenge, but it's worth the playtime. Anyone who can beat Altered best is a real gamer. Although Altered Beast may just be your average beat' em up on the outside, Altered Beast's short gameplay takes a long time to get through because of the true challenge. That's the cool thing about the game: it's notorious for being one of the most difficult games ever made, and it did get the Genesis some success. Altered Beast is another Sega classic. It's got multiple levels that seems...

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    Zeus's daughter has been kidnapped by a demon from hades named Neff. To see to it that she's rescued, Zeus resurrects two fallen warriors to venture into Neff's realm. They leave on a mission fighting off the undead and various monsters. -summaryAltered Beast is one of those games that really made me question on what exactly determined a classic. I mean, even after all these years, I'm still unsure on how it was able to gain such recognition. My only guess can be that sense of nostalgia for long...

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