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    Alternate Game Over Screen

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    Games that feature more than one style of Game Over screen. Alternate Game Over screens are often used when the player loses in specific ways.

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    An alternate Game Over screen is a style of Game Over screen that appears as an alternative to the standard format under certain conditions. Depending on the game in question, the circumstances under which such a screen is displayed may be highly specific.


    Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    In Metroid Prime 3, there exists a hyper-mode mechanic in which Samus can temporarily boost her abilities through the use of the phazon generated by her body. However, the player must vent the excess phazon from her suit's systems in order to prevent becoming infected by it. If the player does not properly expel the phazon, Samus will become corrupted by the substance and transform into a second Dark Samus in an alternate Game Over cinematic.

    Chrono Trigger

    No true Game Over screen appears in Chrono Trigger if the player loses in battle. The game simply returns to the title screen. However, if the player's party is defeated during the final boss fight with Lavos, a cutscene will play, depicting the destruction of the world. The scene culminates with the text "But...The Future Refused to Change."

    Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

    If the player, as Naked Snake, dies at any point in Metal Gear Solid 3, the standard Game Over screen states that "Snake is Dead". However, this is gradually replaced by a message revealing that his death has now created a "Time Paradox". This is a clear reference to the fact the game exists as a prequel story. As such, this means that the survival of the character is all but assured by his pivotal role within the previously established MGS canon.

    Additional time paradoxes can also triggered by killing Ocelot or EVA, as they are both characters whose roles are dictated by series continuity.

    Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4

    In Persona 4, If the allotted time to clear a dungeon expires before the player is able to rescue its inhabitant from the Midnight Channel, the fog begins to pour into the world. Rather than being presented with a standard Game Over screen however, the player is instead granted an opportunity. Igor offers the player the ability to travel back in time, a week before the event takes place. If the player does not accept this offer, the game returns to the main title screen. If the player continuously fails to meet the deadline, this process simply repeats itself.


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