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    Amanda Kenson

    Character » appears in 2 games

    Dr. Amanda Kenson is a human scientist most famous for her discoveries around the origin of the Mass Relays.

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    Mass Effect 2

    Amanda was mentioned in a broadcast from the Cerberus Network: She became known for her discovery that the Mass Relays are in fact predating the Protheans, who were believed to have constructed them. 

    The Arrival

    After Shepard frees her from a Batarian prison, she reveals a project designed to slow down the impending Reaper invasion. The plan was to force an asteroid into the Alpha Relay, the designated target for the Reapers. The explosion, caused by the destruction, would annihilate an entire solar system but subsequently prolonging the countdown of the Reapers' arrival. This vision was given to her through a Reaper artifact, but she was also gradually indoctrinated into a point in which she pulled the plug on the project and even attempted to stop Shepard from completing it.

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