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    Amanda Ripley

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    The daughter of Ellen Ripley, she is the central protagonist of Alien: Isolation and Alien: Blackout.

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    Amanda Ripley is the protagonist of Alien: Isolation and the daughter of Ellen Ripley, protagonist in the four main movies of the Alien franchise.

    She is haunted by her mother's disappearance aboard the USCSS Nostromo and spends much of her life seeking for answers. She works for Weyland-Yutani as her mother did, and chooses assignments in the sector of space where the Nostromo was last located.

    When the Nostromo's flight recorder is found and delivered to Sevastopol Station, she is offered the chance for some closure. Instead she finds herself facing the same threat as her mother fifteen years earlier in the form of a Xenomorph stalking the station.


    Amanda was born on June 24, 2111. She had been conceived during a layover between haulage trips - an indiscretion against Weyland-Yutani company policy but her mother, Ellen Ripley was not disciplined for this and the pregnancy was allowed to continue.

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    Little is known about her childhood, other than the fact her mother disappeared along with the rest of the crew aboard the USCSS Nostromo in 2122. Amanda was just 11 years old and was waiting for her mother's return to celebrate her 12th birthday.

    Amanda never forgot her mother and her disappearance haunted her throughout her life. Amanda took a job with Weyland-Yutani as an Engineer and in areas close to the Nostromo's last known location.

    During this time she is approached by a Weyland-Yutani exec named Samuels who offered her an assignment to accompany him to Sevastopol Station. The flight recorder for the Nostromo had been found and sent to Sevastopol for pickup.

    Upon arrival, the team realized that Sevastopol was in bad condition, having sustained hull damage and they were scattered when an explosion sent them off course as they attempted to board.

    It became clear that the station was in a state of chaos. The inhabitants had all turned on each other to survive and attempt to escape the Xenomorph which now stalked the corridors, killing indiscriminately.

    Amanda Ripley's obituary, shown to Ellen Ripley in Aliens
    Amanda Ripley's obituary, shown to Ellen Ripley in Aliens

    Amanda confronted the same monster that her mother faced and had to do her best to survive and escape the derelict space station which had become its hunting ground.

    Amanda, as seen in Aliens, died from cancer at the age of 66, two years before her mother was found in cryo-sleep drifting in the outer rim. She was never able to reunite with her mother.


    • The photograph of Amanda, pictured above, used in the extended Special Edition of Aliens is actually a photograph of Sigourney Weaver's late mother, the British actresss, Elizabeth Inglis. The Creative Assembly based their design of Amanda Ripley around Inglis in her youth.

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