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    Amarant Coral

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    Amarant Coral is the final character to join the party in Final Fantasy IX. His aliases include Scarlet Hair, Red, and The Flaming Amarant.

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    Back Story

    Amarant Coral, or "The Flaming Amarant", as many call him, is a very skilled assassin/bounty hunter who takes up the job of killing Princess Garnet and her party after he and fellow bounty hunter Lani are hired by Queen Brahne. It is learned through future ATEs that Amarant was a security guard for the King's Auction house in Treno, when one day a young Zidane rushes out, having just stolen valuables. Amarant stops him, and challenges him to a fight, only to have Zidane accuse him of being the thief and escaping. Since then, he has been on the lam, wanted for a crime he was framed for doing, going by the name of The Flaming Amarant.
    When Lani kidnaps Eiko to use as a bargaining chip to obtain Garnet's heirloom in Madain Sari, Amarant steps in and threatens her. It is apparent he's much stronger, as Lani leaves in fear. Then Amarant challenges Zidane, to see just what it was that made him so strong. Amarant loses, and asks to be finished off. After Zidane refuses, he disappears to ponder these events. Eventually he returns, only this time to join Zidane and the team and hopefully learn what it is that made them all so strong; Zidane in particular.
    Even as a member of the party, Amarant still remains very competitive with everyone (namely Zidane), and at one point even leaves the party by challenging Zidane to a race into Ipsen's Castle, which he won alone. He wound up needing to be rescued shortly thereafter by Zidane, an event that both sealed their friendship and left Amarant to ponder more thoroughly about Zidane's character and motivation. It is after this that Amarant realizes he didn't lose against Zidane from a physical standpoint, but from a mental one, as he "lost to his (Zidane's) way of thinking". In the end, Amarant learns the importance of teamwork and friendship, and aids in the defeat of Kuja and saving the world.
    In the final scenes, Amarant is shown heading towards Dali for unknown reasons, with Lani spotting him and deciding to follow, curious to his plans.

    Weapons of Use:

    Like Quina, all of Amarant's weapons teach the same ability (in his case, Counter). However, unlike Quina, he also learns other Flair skills with each weapon. Here's a list of his weapons and their abilities to teach:
    Cat's Claws: ATK: 23; teaches Chakra (30 AP), Counter (240 AP)
    Poison Knuckles: ATK: 33; teaches Spare Change (90 AP), Counter (240 AP)
    Mythril Claws: ATK: 39; teaches Curse (20 AP), Counter (240 AP)
    Scissor Fangs: ATK: 45; teaches Aura (25 AP), Counter (240 AP)
    Dragon's Claws: ATK: 53; teaches No Mercy (25 AP), Counter (240 AP)
    Tiger Fangs: ATK: 62; teaches Revival (35 AP), Counter (240 AP)
    Avenger: ATK: 70; teaches Demi Shock (50 AP), Counter (240 AP)
    Kaiser Knuckles: ATK: 75; teaches Countdown (40 AP), Curse (20 AP), Counter (240 AP)
    Duel Claws: ATK: 75; teaches Aura (25 AP), No Mercy (25 AP), Counter (240 AP)
    Rune Claws: ATK: 83; teaches Spare Change (90 AP), Demi Shock (50 AP), and Counter (240 AP)
    Amarant also uses armors and equipment much like ZIdane: lighter armors, Theif-related equipment, etc.



    Restores HP as well as MP to a single party member.
    Spare Change:
    A damage attack based on how much Gil was thrown.
    No Mercy:
    A powerful attack skill that deals non-elemental damage.
    Amarant casts Auto-Life and Regen on a single party member.
    Cause's a single enemy to become weak against a random elemental effect.
    Recovers a single player from a KO effect.
    Demi Shock:
    An attack that does damage based on how much HP the target has at the time of the attack.
    Amarant casts Doom on the enemy.

    Amarant also possess the ability to Throw any weapon the party has in their inventory (including unusable weapons like Rising Suns and Wing Edges). Damage is based on the maximum damage of the weapon and Amarant's current level.

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