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    Amazing Studio

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    A French video game company founded by Eric Chahi and Frederic Savoir.

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    Amazing Studio is a French video game company founded by Eric Chahi and Frederic Savoir. Heart of Darkness was the only game released by the company, before leaving the video game industry to pursue film and post-production.

    Heart of Darkness sold over a million copies to relatively mixed to positive reviews and was released on PC and Playstation in all regions except for an excluded Japanese Playstation release.

    Amazing Studio had plans to start Playstation 2 development, and was at some point contacted by Steven Spielberg, to discuss a 3D animated movie based on Heart of Darkness. A MacOS and Gameboy Color port of the game was also planned by Infogrames.

    Eric Chahi after the production of Heart of Darkness decided to distance himself from the company to focus on recharging mentally after the half-decade development time, leaving the studio in the hands of its other founder Frederic and using earnings from Heart of Darkness' relatively successful sales to visit several active volcanoes to indulge in his love for geology. Afterwards Eric returned to the video game industry and produced the clearly inspired from his experiences video game From Dust with Ubisoft in 2011. Amazing Studio at that time had left the video game industry and provided the animation for several music videos including Mickey3D's 'Respire.' they later would rebrand as "Amazing Digital Studios" and focus on post-production editing for independent films produced primarily in France and other parts of Europe.


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