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American Dream is the third gamling sim game from Coconuts Japan (a Japanese game publisher that also produces slot and pachinko machines) to feature their character Pachio-kun. Pachio-kun is a sentient pachinko ball who is compelled to find other pachinko balls, though he occasionally frequents pachi-slot machines (or just plain slot machines in this case). Pachio-kun takes a convenient helicopter ride from Tokyo to New York to earn lots of money from their casinos.

The player's goal is to access each district of New York (in order: Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan and finally over state lines to New Jersey) via the rainbow bridges that separate each district, and these bridges all require hefty tolls that Pachio-kun must raise at the casino. In addition, the game has a few adventure game elements, tasking Pachio-kun with finding objects to proceed with the game: the first such object is a pass to get into the casinos. The vast majority of the gameplay are the slot machines, however.

Despite the American theme, this game never left Japan.

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