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    Amingo is a very rotund cactus-like creature in the Marvel vs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes fighting game. He wears a sombrero and has little cactus helpers.

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    Little is known about Amingo except for his reasons for fighting. He fights to learn why his home is being destroyed by a mysterious wind. Amingo has the ability to create tiny versions of himself and change the shape of his body.
    Along with Ruby Heart, Amingo is one of two characters that does not come from other Capcom or Marvel creations. He is an entirely original character, although some rumors suggest that unlike Ruby Heart, Amingo was planned to be in a Capcom game that was ultimately canceled. 
    Special Moves- 
    Ball Attack: Turns into a ball and hurls at the opponent, hitting him with great speed. 
    Plant Spike: Amingo gets shot upward by a plant and generates plant spikes. 
    Little Cactus Grab: Summons a little cactus and latches onto the opponent, taking health away. 
    Little Cactus Swipe: Summons a cactus and strikes the opponent, taking health away. 


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