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This is a question to those who have braved through Amnesia whole. My friends and I haven't really gone further than the first 10 minutes of the game...multiple times. I think what might be helpful is if we (and this is a plan everyone is welcome to be a part of) did a game club for Dark Descent.

I did this a while back with books and doing a book club really helped me get through a good amount of literature. We'd decide on a page number or a chapter to stop at and progress slowly, but together. You can't really do that as easily with video games. And it's not like we can agree to play "for 30 minutes" because different people would progress faster/slower than others.

So perhaps some Amnesia veterans can suggest a list of ( 7? 10? 15? I don't know what would be a good number of) milestones. That way we, and everyone else who wants to do the 'game club' thing with this game, can just say "when we get to [specific room, moment, etc.], let's stop, save, and quit." Then next day continue on to the next milestone.

Please? And thank you :)

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Did something kinda similar recently. I also had the problem of the gaming scaring the living shit out of me, but I was intrigued enough to want to play it. I asked a friend of mine to "co-op" through the game over voice comm (Mumble in this case), so that we would progress at equal pace. We set the voicecom to stay on all the time, as we agreed that part of the fun was to laugh at your friend's reactions.

This worked out really well for us, asides just alleviating the tension, having another brain to help you figure out puzzles was handy. Several laughs were had when one of us would just flat out refuse to progress ("I'm NOT gonna do it, YOU do it!") or when we gave "helpful" advice ("Yeah, it's completely safe, no monsters on other side").

Of course, your method could work as well, but I can heartily recommend voicecom-co-op. The duders at GB PC gaming channel have a mumble server available, and there's probably folk there who haven't played the game yet.

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It's a good game, despite some failings. You have to pay attention. I just found myself in a situation that I could not backtrack, and that suprised me. There are autosaves, that can be important..

I'm about to finish it. The monsters arn't very relaxing to me , but they can be easy in some circumstances. Stealth is key.

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So me and some friends have been thinking about doing this type of Game Club thing, but knowing nothing about the game makes it hard to know if there are good logical stops - like chapter breaks - where we could agree to stop and let the others catch up before having a discussion or whatnot.

Does this game have anything like that, and in that case what are they? If not, could someone suggest a few other types of milestones at a reasonable distance apart? Something like "Play until you get the rusted key" or "Play until you get to this very specific and hard to miss piece of plot." Otherwise I guess we're just going to have to wing it.

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