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Scary but amazing

I picked up this game just based on videos and the quick look but I basically knew the idea: a scary as shit game with no weapons monsters and no fighting back. Even with that knowledge I could not tell the experience I was going to have with the game I kinda thought some reviews were over exaggerating when they are talking about you will feel like stuff is there when it is clearly not you just too out of your mind to see the obvious facts. I found myself hiding in closets in the first 45 or so minutes even though I know there was nothing to hide from I was just too immersed in the game to realize what I was doing. 
The environment's so immersing that I was too scared much like many others to advance but I had to or else I would go insane. Mainly I spent my time sitting in corners and looking for oil and tinderboxes in the spots where I have already been but I never spent too much time on it because I kept going back to the door making sure it was closed and seeing if anything was there. 
Any time I was not cowering in a corner I was running as fast as I could missing many objects and chests and most likely missed out on some of the experience I could have received. At first I didn't really understand what the hell that disgusting, pulsing, red goo was that kept appearing as I made progress I thought it was just an environmental flair. 
The first time I died it was via the water monsters when I needed a box to reach a lever to open a gate so I wouldn't be sitting in the water while I pulled it because even trying to get the box resulted in me making a mad dash in a circle and throwing a box at the invisible monster to try and stop them for a second and ended up realizing I AM FUCKED so gave up for then came back ran like hell and made it. I then came to a spot where I was tired as hell tomorrow I had school in like 12 hours and was so engrossed in the game I had no idea what was happening I just blanked out for about half an hour and got back and was like how did I get here like honestly does happen while I am sleeping and yes by that I mean I FUCKING PLAY games WHILE I SLEEP it is crazy but I don't think you guys give a shit. 
I just love the sense of being completely freaked out be cause I am completely helpless. The only way I could do anything besides go from darkness to light when I needed to. I found myself in a case when I was in a room that I was almost insane and i needed light but I could only mentally force myself to put 1 light when I knew that wouldn't help because if I put more lights and an enemy came I would be screwed there was no door and I could see dark and light as an indication of safety and ended up so confused as to what to do. As I was doing the puzzle in that room I ended up stopping the puzzle and making myself a little darkness enclave because I kept hearing scripted noises and was scared as hell and continued on with the puzzle but continuously looked at the door and turning slightly to my little enclave while I was doing the puzzle just in case. 
I am about 100% sure  that this game is extremely underrated but not everyone can handle it or manage to make it through the game without giving up for a year like I did with Raven Holm a few years ago. So this game is not for everyone but there has been so much piracy I felt so wrong to torrent it even though I wouldn't anyways because game torrents piss me off and if you like an indie game developer or an indie game wouldn't you want to have more of it because if they don't get the funding you don't get the good games you want.

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