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    Amon Tobin

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    Creator of the Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and inFamous soundtracks

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    Amon Tobin
    is an electronica and sample-based musician.   
    He created the gameplay soundtrack for Splinter Cell:  Chaos Theory, his first score for a video game.   The soundtrack was released as a standalone album under the Ninja Tune label, several months before the release of the game.  The album features arrangements of the score, which were broken up within the game for different moods. 
    Quote about the recording of Chaos Theory - Splinter Cell 3 Soundtrack: 

    "It was a real special session. I can't believe the legendary Nacho Mendez was even available and tracking him down in the deepest Mexico was no picnic either. Eiji... hell, he doesn't even speak English but it was magic to hear him click with everyone when he picked up that flute. And who can forget the tearful reunion of the Modugno brothers. They hadn't spoken for years due to some beef over writing credits on some of their earlier works. We didn't even tell them they would both be on the record for fear of one of them would walk out. Fortunately after some initial awkwardness in the studio, they sat down at their respective instruments and the rest is all here."

    Tobin also composed the music for the PS3 exclusive, inFamous.


    Not to be confused with Jesper Kyd, who created Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory's cinematic music.

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