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This is What You Are 0

I love Amplitude. I loved Amplitude years before today because it's what got me into music games. Before DJ Max, Theatorhythm, Rock Band, Bemani, Project Diva, and Guitar Hero there was Amplitude. Sure I played a lot of PaRappa and liked it but Amplitude had a difficulty progression that only really existed in DDR at the time. The large number of tracks with their genre variation and the driving difficulty makes it one of my favorite games of all time. God damn it, I love Amplitude but this isn...

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Amplitude (PS4) 0

Harmonix's Amplitude is a masterfully crafted if unimaginative follow up to 2003's original Amplitude. Let's just get this out of the way, Amplitude (PS4) has a couple problems, the first of which is being named Amplitude instead of anything else, leaving one writer to try to figure out how to differentiate between the original and the re-imagining and finally just deciding that a video game system in parenthesis would suffice. Secondly, and the most important, the song selection in this game is...

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Dying Breed 0

Good luck, Harmonix...Sorry if I come off a little dramatic here, but Amplitude’s release seems like a tragic full circle coming to fruition. It was the original Amplitude from 2003 which gained Harmonix the notoriety, after all. Not the cash cow juggernaut Rock Band was, but a critical darling that expanded on the groundwork of the trance-laden Frequency. And like the original Amplitude, this is releasing on little to no fanfare, backed by a Kickstarter that barely made it to the finish ...

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