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    First Person Shooter made in a customized version of the Quake II engine. Amsterdam is captured by aliens. Now it's up to you to drive them out, while traversing multiple iconic area's in Amsterdam.

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    AmsterDoom is a first-person shooter (FPS) developed and published by Davilex Games B.V for the PC in 2000. Throughout the game, the player goes through 15 levels in which the player encounters some of Amsterdam's most iconic area's such as De Dam , Het Rijksmuseum , Central Station, Madame Tussauds, Airport 'Schiphol' and De Wallen (Red Light District).

    The developers were able to customize the Genesis3D engine for AmsterDoom , which made the graphics for this game stand out compared to earlier titles Davilex released. This also enabled them to put destructable objects in the world such as signposts, phonebooths, ticket machines and paintings.

    While AmsterDoom contains the name Doom in the name, Davilex was not sharing many design ideas with it . Instead of going through hell blasting demons, Davilex created the game to be as welcoming to people as it could be. That means, no gore and no multiplayer. AmsterDoom was marketed as a game for the people that want to try a shooter, but don't want to be confronted with die hard shooter fans.


    Amsterdam is captured by an alien race called the Grøbbers, who want to destroy mankind. The United Nations decide to evacuate the city, and put a powerfield up around the city. This powerfield can only be opened by scientists for a short moment. Only one person can enter the city. The UN decides that the player should handle the job. Now it's up to the player to save Amsterdam and kill the Grøbbers before they destroy the human race.


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