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    Amy Sorel

    Character » appears in 7 games

    Amy is an orphan that hid Raphael from the police. Since her first appearance, she has become infected with an evil seed brought upon by the man she saved.

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    Amy starts out in Soul Calibur II as a poor girl who becomes an orphan upon the death of her parents, who died from the plague which spread across Europe during this time period. She hid Raphael Sorel from the authorities who were chasing him, simply out of spite for the soldiers. Raphael felt that he was now in a debt to Amy for saving his life, and to show his gratitude adopted Amy as his very own daughter.

    In Soul Calibur III when Raphael returned back from his battle with Nightmare, it was Amy that nursed him slowly back to health. Raphael later told her that although he emerged from the battle victorious, his wounds had been infected with the evil of Soul Edge, and that by handling his blood while taking care of him, she too had been infected. They both became pale and their eyes burned a blood red. They felt powerful by night, but weak and sluggish during the day. This made things even more difficult for Amy. As someone who had never opened her heart to the world, it was now even more impossible than ever before due to her appearance. She traveled with Raphael to the castle which he brought in Romania. It was not long before troops began to gather. Raphael told Amy that he would be gone for a while. He traveled outside of the castle, and the noises made by the soldiers ceased. However in time the soldiers returned, but Raphael did not. The noises and lights became louder and brighter. As Amy headed towards the exit she came to a realization; it was her that would protect this world that Raphael had created.


    In Soul Calibur II Amy only appears in a cut scene at the beginning of the game

    In Soul Calibur III Amy became a costume character representing the style of the rapier. In the arcade version of Soul Calibur III she also sports a uniquely designed outfit which is not found in the home version.

    In Soulcalibur IV Amy is now a main character and has a unique move set of her own.

    Amy uses the same Weapon and style as Raphael Sorel

    She does however, have a few differences, like her English Rapier is slightly shorter in range, but she is faster than Raphael, as well as having some moves that are exclusive to her.


    • Albion
    • Rapier
    • Schweitzer
    • Stiletto
    • Unicorn
    • Soul Edge
    • Magic Wand


    • Castle Siege - Romanian Valley (SCIII)


    Soulcalibur IV

    Amy's Ending is the same as Raphael Sorel's: Raphael and his servants reach Soul Calibur, Raphael lifts it and eliminates his servants with Soul Calibur, claiming that the world is only for him and Amy now that he has Soul Calibur.

    Except (Exclusive to Amy's Ending), this time, Amy comes from behind him, witnessing Raphael needlessly killing his servants, she pushes Raphael (who is maniacally laughing) into the abyss next to where he found Soul Calibur, with a "Ring Out!" appearing in front of the screen, while Amy grins evilly.

    A message then comes up, saying that Raphael and Amy found their ideal world.

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