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    The adopted daughter of Largo and Calill in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.

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    Amy is the adopted daughter of Largo and Calill in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. She is a polite, helpful child, and has been raised to believe that Largo and Calill are her birth parents. She first appears in Part II of Radiant Dawn, conversing with characters in Largo's pub. When Calill travels to fight against the Crimean rebels and later in the war with Begnion, Amy stays behind in the Crimean capital of Melior with Largo.

    In Part IV of Radiant Dawn, it is revealed that Amy survived being turned to stone by Ashera's judgment, while Largo was petrified along with most everyone else. Found by Geoffrey's forces, she is brought along to be reunited with Calill. Amy's presence is at first a source of confusion for the others, as the early assumption had been that only warriors of strong will had managed to survive Ashera's judgment. However, it is later revealed that the attack only affected beorc and laguz, and had no effect on the Branded; beings with mixed beorc/laguz heritage. It is through this that Amy's true heritage as a member of the Branded is revealed.

    Following the war, Amy returns to Crimea to live in peace with her adoptive parents.


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