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Review: AMY 0

Poor feedback and controls make the combat a chore.The survival-horror genre has been under attack by current generation design for a long time, forcing it into near-extinction. Modern design philosophy revolves around the concept of accessibility and empowerment, which naturally comes into direct confrontation with survival-horror dogma. A good survival-horror game wants to make you feel powerless, incompetent, afraid, and desperate. A best-selling, triple-A video game doesn’t. The Silent Hill ...

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If you like survival horror you will almost definitely like AMY. 2

I'll start off by saying that I've played many different survival horror games, from Silent Hill, Resident Evil (1-3 & CVX) and Countdown Vampires to Parasite Eve, Clock Tower 1-2, and Nightmare Creatures 2. I've gained quite the taste for these types of games, and that's what AMY struck me as when I watched the trailer and tech demo. I usually hate escort missions and the like where you have to protect someone for an extended period of time, but AMY looked different to me, I think because t...

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Lending a helping Hand 0

Amy is a third-person survival horror game where instead of guns and cover, it's about survival and protection. Lana has been tasked with protecting Amy, the small child who is unable to speak, but possess special abilities which come in handy at specific parts of the game. The game has been critically panned since it's release, and I have to agree with the complaints, but for the $10 price it may be worth a look for horror fans.Amy takes place in the future where a sudden outbreak sends everyon...

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