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    The AN-94 Abakan is a modern Russian assault rifle currently used only by the Russian special forces and police forces.

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    Caliber: 5.45x39 mm
    Overall length: 943 mm (728 mm butt folded)
    Barrel length: 405 mm
    Magazine capacity: 30
    Weight, without magazine: 3,85 kg
    Maximum effective range: 700 m
    An advanced assault rifle. Built in 1994, the "Avtomat Nikonova" is declared a successor to the Kalashnikov series of rifles by historic Russian weapons manufacturers, Izhmash. The AN-94 uses a blowback shifted pulse system, reducing recoil and therefore increasing accuracy, particularly at long ranges. The way this system works is complicated and ingenious, the recoil from the first round fired works a pulley which slingshots a second round into the chamber and fires it before the shooter feels any of the recoil from the first round. This results in 2  Russian 5.45 x 39 mm rounds fired with nearly identical points of impact.  The Abakan,'s two-round burst fire mode is capable of 1800 rounds per minute, however when operating in full auto, the  blowback shifted pulse system is bypassed and the rate of fire drops to 600 rounds per minute. The Abakan contains a self-cleaning nozzle, in the shape of a number "Eight". However, the Abakan development costs are said to be too high for mainstream use, and are only being used in Russian special forces use.  

    Game Appearances

    Battlefield: Bad Company

    In Battlefield: Bad Company, the AN-94 is an automatic rifle with an extremely high rate of fire. It can be used during the mission 'Crossing Over' and can also be used online. In Campaign, it is found in one of the houses near the border with Serdaristan. In online mode, it is unlocked at the highest rank, which is Rank 25. However, owners of the game's Gold Edition have the weapon unlocked from the start. The AN-94 has the second highest rate of fire in the game, and is topped only by the FN F2000. The Akaban is balanced out by its high fire rate and low power. It takes approximately 10-12 shots to down an enemy.
     The Akaban as it  appears in Bad Company 2. This player has the Red Dot attached.
     The Akaban as it appears in Bad Company 2. This player has the Red Dot attached.

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    In Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the Akaban has a different firing mode. Rather than being fully automatic, it fires in two round bursts, much like the Akaban in real life. However, the bursts can be fired quickly enough to make the gun fully automatic. The two round bursts have very little recoil, but when several are fired in quick succession the gun will begin to recoil quite severely. This makes it advisable to use the Akaban with slower bursts at longer ranges. The Akaban is unlocked after gathering 28,000 EXP in the Assault class.

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