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Anarchy Arcade is a Source Engine mod which allows players to create their own virtual arcades. In this 3D desktop players can spawn in any program or game that currently resides on their computer and turn it into an arcade cabinet, TV with console, poster, or many others.

Players can also spawn in images, music, or even YouTube videos that will play when players interact with them.

Custom Content

Anarchy Arcade supports importing of user made maps and props that use the Source Engine.


In Anarchy Arcade players can host an online server and allow others to join their arcade. In order for online players to use programs or games in the hosts arcade, they must also have them installed and point to their location.

Items that use a url such as a YouTube video or image will be accessed the same as it is for the host player.


Anarchy Arcade has many different maps/props that can be unlocked by completing certain tasks. These tasks can include getting a certain number of points in one of the rooms, or by putting a certain amount of a specific type of content into a room.

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