Platinum's New Game Is Actually Called Anarchy Reigns

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#51 Posted by animateria (3335 posts) -
@JCannihilates: You don't need to like every show in the world you know.
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#52 Posted by Paulrus (283 posts) -

That.... is one meaty butt.

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#53 Posted by Anupsis (398 posts) -

Hope its good.

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#54 Posted by SomeDeliCook (2353 posts) -

A game based on tons of players with melee fighting? 
There was a game on the original Xbox called Iron Phoenix. Although janky, I actually really liked playing it. 
This is definitely a game I'll keep my eyes on.

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#55 Posted by Palmlykta (265 posts) -

that ass camera reminds me of pn03

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#56 Posted by Jambones (1726 posts) -
@PhatSeeJay said:
" When did Miranda die her hair blond? "
That was my first thought too. Haha.
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#57 Edited by guypussy (30 posts) -

I like the song in the teaser vid -- anyone know title/artist?


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#58 Posted by Rmack (1113 posts) -

The people at Platinum are definitely supporters of dat ass.

No Caption Provided

I am good with this.
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#59 Posted by Duffyside (959 posts) -

Platinum is my favorite developer, but so far this looks awful. Still hope for the best.

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#60 Posted by Envi0n (11 posts) -

so pumped. 

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#61 Posted by vinsanityv22 (1066 posts) -

To me, this sounds like MadWorld's atmosphere mixed with a Power Stone style title. Maybe even an arena shooter (if Platinum used to be Clover, then maybe they have some ex-Capcom guys there who did Spawn:In the Demon's Hand or something).
Anyway, I actually played MadWorld, so I'm not thrilled at ANY game with a relation to it. It had a rad presentation, but a lot of that seemed more like it sounded cooler on paper than it worked in-game. The black & white visuals meant that everything in the background got lost in...the background, so you'd frequently murder everyone in the current section without seeing - and using - many of the environmental traps. This could've been remedied if the game didn't have a stupid timer, but it did, so you had to rush through everywhere. A timer? What is this, 1994?
Besides Vanquish, I haven't played a Platinum Games title that was truly amazing. And Vanquish was the work of Shinji Mikami; who doesn't even work there! Bayonetta was crazy in all the wrong ways, which distracted from the otherwise amazing combat. And I already mentioned the failings with MadWorld. I hope this new game is a step up for them. And that they can produce a title of Vanquish's quality sans Mikami and whatever talent he took with him to Tango and Bethesda...

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#62 Posted by Blueblur1 (352 posts) -

It could be a fun game but there's not enough to go on. While I loved Bayonetta, I wasn't too enthralled with Vanquished so this game will have to prove itself to me. Regardless, I'm glad Platinum is out there making crazy games that no one else is. :)

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#63 Posted by fenixREVOLUTION (745 posts) -

Platinum is making a new game you say? I'm probably in.

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#64 Posted by miva2 (240 posts) -

this is going to be epically awesome!!!

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#65 Posted by demontium (5084 posts) -

Jack looks so weird in color.

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#66 Posted by AcidicVision (42 posts) -

So no Vanquish sequel for a while then I guess?  I hope they get back around to that eventually. I think it was one of the more under-rated and over-looked titles of last year.

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