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Anarchy Reigns, when you can find others to play with.

The Rad

  • Simple, yet satisfying brawlin' gameplay.
  • Awesomely over the top characters.
  • Kick-ass soundtrack.
  • Bots in multiplayer.
  • Great variety of multiplayer modes.

The Bad

  • No one is playing it.
  • The campaign is too short.

With people being so into the likes of Devil May Cry, God of War or indeed - PlatinumGames own MadWorld and Bayonetta - I've always thought it kind of odd that there hasn't been any notable attempts to bring multiplayer into the mix. Power Stone is about the closest comparison you could make, but that was some time ago.

I guess PG had similar thoughts and it birthed Anarchy Reigns. A delightfully rad, multiplayer focused brawler. There's a singleplayer campaign with a dumb, but fun Anime-styled narrative but it's woefully short and only really serves as an extended tutorial for the multiplayer - which is where the bulk of the game is at.

It's just a shame that it seems like noone's playing it.

At least no one in Australia. I've tried on multiple occasions.

Once I got into a lag fest with some American blokes and I did eventually manage to find a couple of Aussies to play with and those were some fun matches - but I never found enough to have the big sixteen player brawls which seem to be the games strong suit.

There are other modes such as a one-on-one cage match, a cooperative horde mode and an ultraviolent take on football but all the fun, unique modes in the world mean squat if you can't find anyone to play with. It's great that they've included bot support, but that only goes so far.

I love this game, I wholeheartedly recommend it.

But the fact no one seems to be playing makes me thankful they released it at a budget price.

I'd say it's well worth picking up if you can rope some others into doing the same but if you're looking for random pick-up games online or substantial solo content you're not gonna find it here.

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