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    Ancient Apparition

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    A playable Dota character, Ancient Apparition is an Intelligence hero affiliated with the Dire.

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    Ancient Apparition is a ranged Dire Intelligence hero that is played as a support or a ganker.
    Cold Feet - Ancient Apparition's Q ability, it places a damage- over-time hex upon the enemy. If the victim doesn't move out of a certain range, the ability will stun you after four seconds.
    Ice Vortex - Ancient Apparition's W ability, an area-of-effect slow that increases magic damage.
    Chilling Touch - Ancient Apparition's E ability, a buff that is used on allies to increase magical damage in exchange for slightly slower attack speed.
    Ice Blast - Ancient Apparition's R ultimate ability, a skillshot that sends out an explosive ball of ice that can be used anywhere on the map. Ancient Apparition fires a tracer at first to track where the ball will hit, the farther the distance, the larger the radius of the explosion when the ball hits. If it passes through an enemy it slows them, but if they're caught in the radius they take extra damage and will apply a curse that prevents any way of regaining health. It also applies a minor damage-over-time effect, that if they are low enough on health they'll shatter.


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