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Soldiers Harassing the Village
Soldiers Harassing the Village
The Ancient Ruins is a stage from Gunstar Heroes. Players tackle this area to find and confront Pink, who has dug up a mystical gem.
It's a forested area with giant temple and a village of small people who under attack by the Empire. The villagers are comically small, only coming up to the player character's foot in-game. Soldiers can be seen burning their houses and attacking them early on in the stage. Fighting through the village will lead to the plant boss Papaya Dance.
The second half of the stage involves climbing a giant temple and fighting Bravoo Man, a boss made of blocks. Defeating him will lead to sliding all the way down the temple while dodging tumbling soldiers and laser fire. The trees are thicker on the other side of the temple. Beehives spawn angry swarms and a giant metal claw reaches out from the trees to take swings at the player. The boss at the end of the stage is the Pinky Roader, Pink's mining machine.

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