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    Andretti Racing

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released October 1996

    A 3D sequel to the Genesis game Mario Andretti Racing, with both indy car and stock car racing in 16 fictional tracks.

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    Andretti Racing is a 3D car racing game developed by both High Score Entertainment and Stormfront Studios (with the Saturn version aided by Press Start Inc.) and published by EA Sports for the Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn in late 1996, with a Windows PC release in late 1997.

    A sequel to both studios' earlier Genesis game Mario Andretti Racing, Andretti Racing has players racing 16 fictional road tracks in either indy cars or stock cars with a mix of fictional and real drivers. It is endorsed by the Andretti family, with video clips and direct involvement from Mario Andretti and his sons, Michael and Jeff.

    It is often seen as a precursor to EA Sports's NASCAR series, with both studios returning for NASCAR 98.


    Derek Daly
    Derek Daly

    In-game commentary was recorded by Derek Daly, Bob Jenkins and James Brown. James Brown was the studio anchor for the game, giving updates between races as you progress through your career. Derek Daly provided the pre-race commentary before every career race, while Bob Jenkins was the commentator for the race itself.

    Authentic Drivers

    All the drivers listed only appear in the Indy Car series, with the exception to Geoff Bodine, the only authentic driver in the Stock Car Series. The remainder of the drivers have real pictures although are either fictional or unknown in proffessional racing.

    • Jeff Andretti
    • Mario Andretti
    • Michael Andretti
    • Gil de Ferran
    • Christian Fittipaldi
    • Robby Gordon
    • Scott Pruett
    • Danny Sullivan
    • Geoff Bodine

    Race Tracks

    Binghampton Speedway
    Binghampton Speedway

    The fictional race courses are mostly road and street circuits, set in real world locations.

    • Bridgeport - Tri-oval
    • Meibashi - Road Course
    • Vancouver - Street Circuit
    • Toronto - Street Circuit
    • Thunderdome - Tri-oval
    • Australia - Street Circuit
    • Vallejo - Road Course
    • Kings Beach - Road Course
    • Cincinnati - Street Circuit
    • Grand Rapids - Road Course
    • Longhorn - Road Course
    • Oceanside - Road Course
    • Glacier Fields - Road Course
    • Binghampton - Street Circuit
    • Oasis - Road Course
    • Phalanx - Road Course

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