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    Andrew House is the President and Group CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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    Andrew 'Andy' House, the President and Chief Executive of Sony Computer Entertainment, has been working at Sony across multiple divisions and regions for over 20 years. Originally from Wales, he has most recently become known for his stage presentations unveiling the PlayStation 4.

    Education and Early Career

    After graduating from Oxford University with a BA in English Language and Literature, he originally worked as a teacher. As he had always wanted to work abroad, he applied for an exchange programme run by the Japanese ministry of education. He taught in high schools for two years whilst teaching himself to read and write in Japanese before joining Sony.

    Corporate Timeline

    • 1990 - Started in corporate communications at Sony Corporation corporate communications, based in Tokyo;
    • 1995 - Transferred to Sony Computer Entertainment America, based in California;
    • 1996 - Promoted to Vice-President of Marketing;
    • 2000 - Promoted to Senior Vice-President of Marketing and Third Party;
    • 2003 - Promoted to Executive Vice-President of Marketing, Third Party and Development;
    • 2005 - Promoted to Chief Marketing Officer and Group Executive and returned to Sony Corporation;
    • 2009 - Promoted to President, Chief Executive and Co-Chief Operating Officer at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, based in the UK;
    • September 2011 - Promoted to President and Chief Executive, Sony Computer Entertainment, based in Tokyo.

    Personal Life

    • He spends 90-95% of his day operating in Japanese.
    • He is married with a Japanese wife and two children.
    • He is a passionate Manchester United supporter.
    • He runs four to five times a week.
    • His favourite activity is cooking dinner and enjoying the meal with his family.

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