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    Andrew Oikonny

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    Andrew Oikonny is a pilot who gets his start with the Star Wolf team. He is also Andross' nephew.

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    Andrew Oikonny, or "Oikonny" for short (as he's usually called), is the nephew of Fox McCloud's arch enemy, Andross. In Star Fox 64, he is part of the rival Star Wolf team, but supposedly only made the team because of his relation to Andross. Because he is a poor pilot, he only targets the weakest member, Slippy Toad, during the battles between the Star Fox and Star Wolf teams in Star Fox 64. After Andross is defeated in Star Fox 64, Oikonny leaves the Star Wolf team to succeed his uncle and avenge his death.

    Oikonny reappears in Star Fox: Assault for the GameCube. Leading the remnants of Andross's army, intelligence confirms that Oikonny is planning an attack on Corneria. Knowing this, Team Star Fox tracks him down on the planet Fortuna. There, his ship transforms into a giant version of himself that hearkens back to his uncle's prior forms. During the battle, an Aparoid (a giant insect-like creature from Star Fox: Assault) shoots him down and he is thought to be defeated.

    He reappears yet again in Star Fox: Command for the Nintendo DS. He joins the Anglars rather than fighting them alongside Andross's grandson (and his second cousin), Dash Bowman. He also pilots a new ship called the "Death Crab" in his confrontation with Fox in Fichina City. Oikonny is defeated once again, but it is unknown whether he will return.

    He is voiced by Daisuke Sakaguchi in the Japanese version of Star Fox 64, and Yusuku Numata in the Japanese version of Star Fox: Assault. He is voiced by John Hugill in the American versions.


    Andrew Oikonny was originally supposed to appear in Star Fox 2 as a lemur-like character named "Agly."

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