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Andrew is a playable character from Scarlet Shadow.

He's an android built by the Elphian Army in IRCAE. He decided to go with Lux, after the Ether Animus attacked IRCAE, for two reasons: on one hand Andrew was impatient to explore the world with his own eyes, and the elphian leaders had sent him to fulfill a specific purpose: respond to the attacks of the Ether Animus and test him on the battlefield.

He has an unusual passion for Quizzes, and he doesn't waste an occasion to tell them.


These are the techniques that Lumi can learn in Scarlet Shadow 0.5.8.

Name of the skillType of the skillLevel RequiredCost
Steel BodyPassive Skill 1-
GrenadePhysical Skill15 MP - A grenade
Smoke BombPhysical Skill 15 MP - A smoke bomb
Group PotionHealing Skill1210 MP - A potion
Electrick Shock Magical Skill1490 TP
Stunning BombPhysical Skill175 MP - A stunning bomb

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