New to Android, emulator suggestions?

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Hey y'all,

About to dive into the HTC One and I'm looking for emulator suggestions. There's a lot of conflicting recommendations online so I was wondering what the community here uses. I'm most interested in NES, as I have the most carts at home for it and I'd like to stay as legit as I can in this oh-so-grey area. I also have a handful of SNES and N64 carts, but I can't picture that many buttons working too well on touch.

Important addendum; back when I had a jailbroken iPhone 4 I had a GBA emulator called gpSPhone, it had a fantastic combination A+B button that actually made Mario games quite playable on the touch screen (ABR: Always Be Runnin'). Is anyone aware of any emulators on Google Play that offer this functionality?

Any recommendations are much appreciated.

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I use NESDroid. I have used several in the past but this one I actually paid the upgrade for the pro version. I like it cause you can easily map the buttons to anywhere on the screen you want and you can even adjust the size of the buttons if you like.

For GBA I use My Boy! Free. It works well and also allows you to customize the buttons. It also adjusts to playing vertical or horizontal. You can even adjust the size of the screen. I dont think the pro version adds any thing other than the ability to save games.

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Robert Broglia makes a lot of great emulators, although they are a bit pricey. If you're interested, the emulators are NES.emu and GBA.emu. You might also want to check out Retroarch. It's like 20 emulators in one. (Including the NES and GBA)

I personally use My Boy for GBA games. It runs everything beautifully and has pretty decent control options.

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I'll look into these, thanks guys!

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