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#51 Edited by NinjaBerd (230 posts) -

Bloons TD 5, if you like Tower Defense games, this one is pretty great.

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#52 Edited by uniform (1842 posts) -

Anyone play Finding Teddy? It's a point and click adventure using pixel art similar to Sword & Swocery. I saw it on flipboard the other night and was instantly intrigued. However, upon further research I discovered the game is about an hour long. The negative there is that the game is 3 dollars.

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#54 Edited by SpydrMrphy (90 posts) -

After buying the Humble Mobile Bundle 2, I got to say, everyone should get Punch Quest. It's amazing!

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#55 Posted by _Zombie_ (1483 posts) -

Nun Attack is fucking fantastic.

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#56 Posted by Woocifer (68 posts) -

Hey guys, I'm a community member but also have my own mobile game company and hope you don't mind me putting this out there, but we've recently released one of our titles for free Kunundrum.

A 200+ level app full of puzzley goodness. If you like a challenge then you'll love this slider puzzle title that gradually introduces you to logical obstacles, requiring your best problem solving skills, while you shift your spark flinging orbs towards their corresponding goals. With all new HD graphics, music and features, this staple of entertainment boasts over 15 hours of gameplay. Check out what Google has been featuring for over a year straight on the Play store for FREE!

Kunundrum Free -

We are also looking into releasing Polara for free as well. If you dig action free runners then you should check out that title. Hoping to get that out a little later on in the year.


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#58 Posted by BambamCZ (163 posts) -

Dungeon Village (paid) is awesome time waster, I've spent way too much time playing this

Elder Sign: Omens (paid) this one is my bane, I've got all the expansions but even without them the game's endless amounts of fun and boundless rage

Rymdkapsel (paid) interesting game, kind of a space station manager combined with puzzler, short and very limited for the entrance fee but still very interesting if you're down for something different

Ticket to Ride (paid) I love the board game, the app is servicable if you don't have people to play with at hand, there are some weird design choices but still keeps the very fun core of the board game intact

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#62 Posted by OGinOR (331 posts) -

Terraria and Minecraft? Ridiculous Fishing needs to be here too.

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Every "Mobile Game Recommendation" thread eventually gets so outdated that it turns into spammer bait, and it looks like this thread's day has finally arrived.



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