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105364 LordAndrew Platform Overview This existed in previous versions in a less impressive form, and it's not part of any standard home screen, so I'm removing it. 05/09/14 11:19AM 29 Approved
68687 LordAndrew Platform Overview Update 11/15/13 01:10PM 3 Approved
55488 LordAndrew Platform Overview Adding and clarifying information. 09/06/13 10:04AM 35 Approved
38464 LordAndrew Platform Overview 06/25/13 01:36PM 16 Approved
23012 LordAndrew Platform Overview 04/16/13 11:27AM 1 Approved
23010 LordAndrew Platform Overview That's not a great example. 04/16/13 11:23AM 1 Approved
23009 LordAndrew Platform Overview 04/16/13 11:22AM 16 Approved
6815 Jagged85 Platform Overview 02/21/13 09:48AM 18 Approved
6003 LordAndrew Platform Overview Fixing the paragraph that had been converted to a header. Linking to Linux since we have a page for it now. 02/19/13 07:12PM 16 Approved
4109 BestUsernameEver Platform Overview Changed 'moving wallpapers' to live wallpapers. Added section 'design and front end features', updated the homescreen facts to align with the most current android. added multitasking as an android feature. added the holo design language for android, and also gave a background on the design team leader for android, Matias Duarte. 02/16/13 10:01PM 96 Approved
2099 LordAndrew Platform Overview 02/14/13 03:06PM 1 Approved
2054 LordAndrew Platform Overview Added a bunch of information and corrected errors. 02/14/13 01:44PM 91 Approved
2028 LordAndrew Platform Overview 4.2.2 is current. 02/14/13 01:04PM 16 Approved

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