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    Andy Roddick

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    Andy Roddick is an American professional tennis player and has featured in several tennis video games.

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    Andy Roddick is an American tennis player from Austin, Texas, who turned professional in 2000. After winning the US Open in 2003, he became the world number one, but he has not won another Grand Slam since then. A four-time Grand Slam runner-up (Wimbledon '04, '05, '09, US Open '06), he is one of the better-known names of tennis in this generation, being a consistent top ten player for the last eight years, and has subsequently featured in tennis video games.

    Roddick is currently coached by Larry Stefanki and married to model Brooklyn Decker. He also holds the record for the fastest recorded serve, which was measured at 155 mph (or 249.5 km/h).

    Roddick in Video Games

    A popular tennis figure, the American has appeared in several video games, including titles in the Virtua Tennis ( Virtua Tennis: World Tour, Virtua Tennis 3, Virtua Tennis 2009) and Top Spin ( Top Spin 2, Top Spin 3) series. He has also lent his likeness for Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2 and EA's Grand Slam Tennis.

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