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    Liverpool Football Club's famous stadium. You'll Never Walk Alone.

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    Anfield is the home ground of Liverpool Football Club and has been since 1982. It holds a total capacity of 45,362 fans, and while that isn’t necessarily as big as some elite clubs it is regarded as one of the best football stadiums in the entire world. Most notably for the sensational atmosphere the fans can produce on big occasions.


    The stadium comprises of four stands; The Kop (or Spion Kop), Anfield Road, Main Stand, and Centenary Stand (upper and lower). The Kop is one of the most famous football stands past and present and is usually the source of most noise during football matches. It is widely believed that this is where the majority of the die-hard supporters sit.

    There are tributes to two of Liverpool Football Club’s most successful managers located in the grounds: the Paisley Gates, in tribute to Bob Paisley, and the Shankly Gates, in tribute to Bill Shankly. There was also a bronze statue built in Bill Shankly’s honour in 1997, it depicts Shankly wearing a fans scarf and holding his hands up in appreciation of the Anfield faithful. Both managers are regarded as legends amongst fans.

    Anfield is also famous for its ‘THIS IS ANFIELD’ sign that hangs above the tunnel leading out onto the pitch. Many players; both home and away, touch the sign on the way through as they believe it will bring them luck for the forthcoming game.


    The stadium features in many of today’s football (soccer) games, most notably the Fifa Soccer and Pro Evolution Soccer franchises. Although many fans were in uproar when Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 failed to include the stadium in both their Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game, as part of a cutback to help make the game run better on next generation consoles. It is reported the stadium will feature in Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 though, as part of a licensing deal with Liverpool Football Club.

    Many Liverpool fans are also aggrieved that upon starting a game at Anfield in both Fifa Soccer and Pro Evolution Soccer games, the players shoot towards The Kop stand for the first half of the match and the Anfield Road stand for the second. In reality Liverpool almost always shoot the opposite way around because they feel it gives them a mental advantage over their opponents.


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