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    Angel Devoid: Face of the Enemy

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Feb 16, 1996

    A cyberpunk point-and-click action-adventure with a dynamic attitude system used during conversations to bring forth different responses. Sticking to one "alignment" is not wise.

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    Angel Devoid: Face of the Enemy is a point-and-click adventure game with cyberpunk themes.  You play a police officer who wrecks his vehicle while in pursuit of the wanted criminal Angel Devoid.  Devoid arranges to take your heavily injured body from the crash site and have you surgically altered to look like him in order to throw off the authorities and frame you for his crimes.  Players have the face of a killer, and are set to fend for themselves in a hostile city in order to survive.

    The game is reminiscent to The 7th Guest, in that it features a healthy amount of full motion video and puzzles to solve, as well as having violent action sequences to master. 

    The plot is intricate, and the cyberpunk touches are thorough.  Unlike many other first-person point-and-click adventures there are many human beings to interact with, but as a consequence there are many cutscenes (which combine live actors of variable quality and computer effects).  Players react to situations by clicking on sympathetic, apathetic, or antagonistic icons under the main display, which alters the reactions of the characters, as well as use items to help events along.  Other games which use such good/neutral/evil choices (or moral decisions) tend to allow or even encourage players to stick to these choices throughout the game, but Angel Devoid treats these as tactics which are a means to an end, and not all situations warrant sympathetic or antagonistic behavior, and the majority don't tend to go well with apathetic.

    There are three possible endings which result upon successful completion of the game based on the choices you made while playing.

    PC Requirements

    486 DX2-66 or higher;
    Min 8Mb memory;
    MS-DOS 5.0 or later;
    Hard drive required;
    Double speed CD-ROM drive or faster;
    SVGA video graphic card with 1Mb (PCI or VLB recommended);
    Microsoft mouse and 100% compatible, Sound Blaster or 100% compatible sound card supported.    


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