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    Angel Starr

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    An ex-detective present as a witness in the final trial of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

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    Nicknamed the "Cough-up Queen", Angel Starr is a lunch box vendor that was fired from her previous job as a detective. She had gained her nickname as the "Cough-up Queen" from her ability to get people to "cough-up" the truth. Her original job as a detective ended during the SL-9 Incident, so she then soon gained a certain hatred towards prosecutors because of this.


    Angel Starr held a strong hatred towards prosecutors due to events that occurred during the SL-9 Incident. Starr has a strong personality and often enjoys taking on multiple boyfriends. Most of the time, her bangs cover her right eye while her brown, left eye as sweet, calm, and innocent. When she is feeling aggressive, however, her bangs flip over left eye, revealing a gray, menacing left eye to accentuate her hostility. Starr seems to be aware that her mood can quickly switch between serene and "demonic".


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