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    Angela Orosco

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    Angela Orosco is a supporting character that appears in Silent Hill 2.

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    Angela is the first character encountered by James, who finds her early on in a cemetery. At first she appears rather anxious and apologizes to James for no apparent reason. She then explains that she is looking for her "Momma" and that James should avoid Silent Hill because it's dangerous. 
    Later on Angela is found in an apartment room, lying on the floor in front of a mirror, holding a knife. She appears to be contemplating suicide. James tries to talk her out of it and proceeds to ask her some questions:
    "Did you find your Mother?" 
    "No. She's not anywhere." 
    "Did she live in this apartment building?" 
    "I...I dunno." 
    "So all you know is she lived in this town?" 
    "What did you say? How do you know that?!" 
    "Well I just figured 'cause this is where you're looking for else would I know?" 
    "Yeah...I'm so tired."
    After James tells her that the person he is looking for is dead, she hurries to leave in order to find her Mother. Angela asks if James will hold her knife because she is afraid of what she might do with it, but when he approaches her she threatens to stab him, after which she apologizes and leaves.  
    It is not until much later in the game that Angela is encountered in the Labyrinth.  Her voice is heard behind a door screaming, "Daddy please don't!" We see her sitting in a flesh covered room with small holes in the walls where pistons thrust.  Beside her is a television and a grotesque monster called Abstract Daddy. After James defeats the boss, Angela kicks it hysterically and smashes the television over its head. James tries to calm her down, but Angela is convinced that he just wants to have sex with her. She tells him that he could always, "force me, beat me up like he always did..." at which point she falls to her knees gagging. Before leaving the room, she recomposes herself and throws some accusations at James:
    "You said your wife Mary was dead, right?"
    "Yes, she was ill."
    "Liar! I know about you. You didn't want her around anymore, you probably found someone else!"  
    The fourth and final encounter with Angela happens in the alternate hotel. Angela stands on a burning staircase and upon seeing James embraces him as her Momma. After realizing who it is, she steps back and says, "Thank you for saving me, but I wish you hadn't. Even Momma said it: I deserved what happened." It is heavily implied that Angela is a rape victim, her father being the culprit. Outside the doorway where James finds Angela and the Doorman, there are newspapers covering the hallway. She also shows classic signs of a rape victim: she wears conservative clothing, panics whenever James advances towards her, has sever mood swings, contemplates suicide, and views all men as lustful pigs. The game implies that her father abused her and her mother, and eventually Angela killed him in self defense. Angels sees James as her father, often accusing him of things on pure assumption.


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