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    Angela Prophet

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    The Main Heroine of the game Psychotoxic.

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    Angela Prophet, or Angie, seems like an ordinary lady at first glance, but she turns out to be the key to saving New York, and the World, from the threat that is the fourth Horseman.

    When the game starts, she is just a girl who is given the responsibility to save the world, but later on in the game, she finds out more about herself, and even discovers that she was actually created from the DNA found in a strand of hair found inside a gemstone at the area where the Fourth Horseman was sealed in.  This project was known as ANGEL-ONE.  Years ago, when Angie was still in her young childhood years, she had an accident which caused her to forget all knowledge of her powers, forcing the people behind ANGEL-ONE to cancel the project, and Angie was raised by the person who would be known to her as Aunt Julie.  Angie learns more about herself along the course of the game, even going into her own mind, and also infiltrating a base which contained more information about herself, and ANGEL-ONE, and also find the hideout of the Fourth Horseman, the very area where Aaron Crowley awakened it and triggered it to send out Nananites which made the people that breathe it into their bodies to go mad.  Angie defeats the Fourth Horseman in the dream world, after fighting it through multiple attack stages, causing the entire place to go unstable and collapse in itself.  Angie escapes successfully, and bids farewell to Max, whom was guiding her along the way.  However, Max is caught by Aaron Crowley, giving Angie no choice but to head into the Statue of Liberty to save him.  She is able to get to where Max is being held, and stops Crowley, with him seemingly committing suicide by dropping out of the top of the statue, although he says that he will meet her again.  Angie flirts with Max a bit as the game comes to an end.

    Angie's abilities include slowing down time, making her move faster than the rest of the environment, and even slow down jumping and falling, however long falls will still harm her.  She can also use healing powers to restore her health until it reaches full or the Angel Force button is used again.  Finally shield ability protects Angie from all harm, but it consumed her Angel Force to have it up and even more that takes the damage for her. 


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