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Angeldust is the debut cross-platform MMO video game of the Dutch publishing startup Metagaming B.V. The game features over two hundred and fifty different creatures and dozens of unique game world areas. Players can create buildings everywhere in a giant game world that is bigger than planet Earth.


Angeldust revolves around four heroes: the builder, sorceress, scout and fighter. Each hero uses a wide range of items and weapons like swords, magical spells, hammers and crossbows. Starting in a safe village, with a house that only its owner can build or demolish, each player can venture into the enormous world of Angeldust alone or alongside friends. Up to hundreds of thousands of players can play together at the same time in the same game world.


Two angels watching over the planet of Angeldust have shattered into magical dust called "Angeldust". This Angeldust has descended onto the game world, giving each of the more than twenty five landscapes a unique look and feel and distinct inhabitants. In low level areas players will find harmless animals like frogs, but wandering further into the game world they face mutated trappers, trolls, drakelings, and many other creatures which have been affected by the magical influences of Angeldust.


Players can travel by foot or using the so-called telecharger, which quickly teleports a player to a saved location or his friends. This way, players can easily travel and build together with their friends.


Each newfound game world area, creature and building material nets a player coins. Coins can be spend on heightening houses, shopping for new clothes or unlocking building blocks. Finding new materials in the Angeldust game world also unlocks them for building, so players can build more diverse structures.


The custom-built game engine behind Angeldust brings the game to PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android tablets and phones. Targeting low-end hardware, the 2015 game plays well on computers like the first (2006) white Intel MacBook with an Intel GMA 950 graphics card and phones like the iPhone 3GS. Angeldust integrates support for USB game controllers on Windows and Mac.

Account and availability

To play Angeldust online, players need a personal Angeldust account which can be registered and activated on the game's website. This account can then be used to sign in to the game from any device running a supported operating system.

Angeldust can be downloaded for free on all platforms and sports a free 'alone' mode in which players can explore and build in a local game world.

The game and its website are translated into seven languages. Each of Angeldust's four heroes features full English voice acting, subtitled in all languages.


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