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Angels of Death Website Information

 The Angels of Death Motorcycle Club started in San Andreas in 1949. At first, it was only a small club. Then, after the Civil Rights Act, people became unsatisfied with a non-segregated society. They looked to the Angels of Death as an oasis of racial and religious purity. Men wanted to treat women like objects, ride motorcycles, and say fuck off to anyone who looked different - they joined the AODMC. 

Role In Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

In GTA: Chinatown Wars the Angels of Death are working for the Chinese Triad lead by Hsin Jaoming. A private detective hired by Hsin named Lester Leroc is send by Hsin to infiltrate the gang and smoke out a rat  who is causing the Triad much trouble and might be hiding within the Angels of Death . However since Lester is not the most competent of PIs Huang Lee is send by Hsin to help him out and gets to infiltrate the gang at instead of Lester.

The Angels of Death make money by selling Cocaine on the streets of Liberty City.

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